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No one else can write YOUR story!

No one else can write YOUR story! ️

Let's talk about comparison. Who else does it? I do, that's for sure.

Is it healthy? Surely not?

I'm most talking about my writing career, but comparing myself, my success (or lack of) to others has always been a hurdle I struggle to overcome. Whether it is as a friend, a mother, a partner, or my career, I've always felt I am not as good as others out there. Jack of all trades, but master of none. That's me.

But let's talk creatively. As creatives, I think it's pretty common to compare ourselves to others. We are all pushing for a goal. For me, at the moment, it is nailing that publishing deal and finishing my novel. Before then and for 2 years previously, it was finding a literary agent. We see how well other creatives are doing, and although super happy for them, that naughty worry in the pit of our stomachs is there, crawling up, reaching out to remind us that we're not good enough, our stories won't make it through the slush pile, the acquisition process, that they're not stand out enough, everyone else's are so much better.

But let me tell you some things, and they're things I try to tell myself too -

️ You ARE good enough!

️ Your story deserves to be told.

️ No one else can tell your story.

️ It's OK to take a break.

️ It's OK not to take a break.

️ Everybody is dealing with their own struggles.

️ Social media does not always portray real life.

And again...


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