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Kidlit LIVE with Arden Jones

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KidLit LIVE with Arden Jones!

KidLit LIVE with Arden Jones is a space for creatives and publishing folk to chat about all things writing, illustrating, querying, publishing and of course, gorgeous children's books.


If you want to hear about how authors & illustrators found their agents, how querying authors are navigating the slush/treasure pile, what hot and what's not in agents MSWL's, how best-selling authors & illustrators come up with their ideas, what happens after signing with a literary agent & lots more, then make sure to listen to my upcoming interviews.


Interviews will be streamed LIVE across YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel @ArdenJonesAuthor

If you would like to support my KidLit LIVE channel, please feel free to: Buy Me a Coffee.


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